2021 Project Highlights

On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some highlights of our current work.

Image by Simon Berger

Inclusive insurance regulations -Egypt

Contracted by GIZ's  PAFSME  project, this assignment involves supporting the insurance regulator FRA in enhancing its supervising and regulatory capacity for inclusive insurance business.  The assignment also involves conducting and industry innovation gap for inclusive insurance.

Image by Katerina Jerabkova

Inclusive Insurance Innovations - Egypt

Contracted by GIZ's PAFSME project and jointly implemented by FinProbity Solutions and AB Consultants, this project involves supporting insurance providers in developing new insurance products and distribution channels to increase the insurance coverage among SMEs and their employees in Egypt.

Image by Rohan Reddy

Inclusive Insurance Landscape - Mozambique

Contracted by DAI Mozambique-FSDMoc, FinProbity Solutions conducted the Inclusive Insurance landscape study for Mozambique. Report to be available on FSDMoc website.

Financial Analyst

Finscope Insurance Thematic Study - Rwanda

Contracted by Access to Finance Rwanda, this assignment involved a deep dive analysis on insurance using the Finscope 2020 data. Thematic Report to be available on AFR website.