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Financial Sector regulation & Policy

We provide technical assistance and training to financial services regulators on how regulate and supervise inclusive financial services

Financial sector regulation and policy: Projects
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Why does this Matter?

The design and distribution of inclusive financial services often requires innovations that is outside conventional business and consequently laws. Regulators often have to create ‘test, learn and regulate’ approaches to allow financial services provider navigate appropriate financial products and business models that can be effective for underserved or unserved market segments.

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Regulators often approach FinProbity Solutions with a general idea of what they need particularly on understanding inclusive financial products and innovations. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the regulator gain useful insights from end-users of inclusive financial products and what it takes to serve low-income people with financial products. Every country has its own unique business environment and challenges, we therefore provide technical assistance and training to the market context. Our toolkits for supervision of inclusive financial services are adapted to the local context, business environment and existing laws.

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