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We provide a variety of customised solutions aimed at assisting financial service providers to consolidate their business case scenarios or develop viable client centric financial services

FinProbity Solutions Limited works with financial service providers to deliver innovative client centric solutions that meet the needs of diverse market segments. Our key clientele includes financial institutions and development organisations with a mandate to develop inclusive financial services markets. Our services to financial institutions include institutional assessment, organizational change management, business modelling, demand assessments, financial services supplier diagnosis, product development, market research, business feasibility assessment, partnership brokerage, staff training and advisory services. We specialise in providing financial service solutions that combine client centricity, inclusivity and business viability. Our services to development organisations include country strategy or road map development for inclusive finance, programme design and implementation support, financial services access research, innovation fund design and management as well as capacity building and skills development of financial service providers and stakeholders.

We strongly believe and always aim to provide complete solutions which includes strategy development, product development, programme design, implementation support and evaluation systems. FinProbity Solutions works with highly qualified recognised experts and associate consultants to come up with solutions. We have an extensive network of strategists, product designers, trainers and researchers covering various financial services including inclusive insurance, micro-pensions, savings, credit and digital financial services.